Stripping down bound housewife with the sharp knife

Here is what happens to not-so-smart housewives who are letting strangers into their houses. A criminal had taken advantage of the helpless woman and money is not the only thing he wants from her. Step into the bedroom to see whats happening.

Bed-bound housewife is gaggedStripped bondage MILFNaked damsel in distress

Guys from Bound in the Buff website are taking pleasure in shooting storylines about beautiful MILF damsels in distress. Pictures in this post show yet another dumb wife who had mistaken intruder with the salesman. He quickly knocked the lady out by using chloroformed scarf and then dragged the unconscious body to the bedroom. The criminal had enough time to search the house for money while the bound woman was sleeping in her bed.

Bondage woman in her bedIntruder is about to fuck tied housewife

Woken up, housewife had found herself cleave gagged, tied with rope and with her legs cuffed to the bed posts. Bastard had already taken her panties down and now he is coming back with the sharp knife in his hands. Looks like money and jewelry aren't enough for him to just leave! Tasting that shaved pussy of her's is another thing he is in the mood for!

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