Submissive petgirl bride attends her wedding on all fours

Tying your wife with ropes and then taking pictures of her in bondage is really fun. There are, however, lots of other ways to play with submissive spouses. One of the most exciting is to have petgirl wife at your service. Let's take a look at a sexy pergirl bride attending her own wedding on all fours!

I guess you heard about petgirs - the very special type of women who enjoy the role of a household pet. They are naturally submissive and love being leashed, collared, walked on all fours and fed from a dog bowl. In most cases petgirls wives has to be naked and do things on command. Here is a perfect example of submissive bride:

Kneeling bridePetgirl wife is stripped by forcePetgirl bride is collared

She comes to the wedding in a beautiful white dress but then, suddenly, gets stripped by force. Kneeling petgirl can do nothing about tearing groom tearing her clothing apart and then ripping it down. Just a few seconds later helpless petgirl wife stays in nothing but white stockings. Nice!

There is a very special wedding present petgirl bride receives from her man. It is a beautiful collar she has to wear on her neck from now on. It will be very useful every time husband would like to leash his submissive wife.

Groom walks leashed bride on all foursDog cage is a perfect place foe submissive wife

Dog cage is the place where petgirl naturally belongs. Locked inside and mounted in the pickup truck, submissive petgirl wife is ready to be taken to her new house. Just think of how much fun happy husband will have with his new pet toy! Luckily there is a special website that is going to reveal to you every single detail of petgirl wife training!

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