Tied wife is nude and fucked along the bus ride

United States is a great country to live in but it a bit dull in case you are a fan of bondage. You can't just take your tied wife for a stroll or put your naked spouse on her knees in a public place and stick your cock in her throat. Laws in USA prevent people from doing things like that but there are places on the map where you can go wherever you want to and have as much fun with tied wife as you wish!

Public Disgrace focuses your attention on that perverted type of men who enjoy exposing their tied wives in public places or even fucking them in front of other people. The majority of the pictures and movie for the site are shot in Europe where there are no laws against walking tied wives in the streets. Would you like to take a look at one of those shameless submissive sluts?

With her hands bound behind the back, tied wife is forced to go topless along the main street of the town. The passing by people seems to be really astonished with the view! They take lots of pictures with their mobile phones and shot videos of tied wife strolling naked. I know it is sick to ask but: would you like your spouse (or girlfriend) to be degraded in the same way?

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The next part of the woman humiliation takes place in a bus. Fully undressed tied wife is being fucked is each hole of her body in front of about a dozen of people riding the same bus. Husband uses a set of steel handcuffs to put his better half in a variety of BDSM poses. Handcuffed girl has no other options to choose from other that remain quiet and enjoy every second of her degrading training.

With her entire face covered with cum, tied wife is put on her knees and then left on the street. There is nothing to cover the nudity of the woman and bondage prevents her from running away: isn't it a perfect way of humiliating a slutty whore?

Public Disgrace has dozens of other bizarre stories about tied wives taken to the streets by their spouses and then humiliated with public sex. Each story comes as 60 minutes of HD movie along with a couple of hundreds of pictures. Visit the site right now and enjoy kinky things you'll never see happening in US. Click the banner to watch European wives undressed, put in bondage in front of other people and fucked in a really degrading manner!

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