Becoming a petgirl is another way for wife to enjoy submission other than getting tied up

I think it's time to look back again at the kinky petgirls fetish where there is no need for husbands to put wives in bondage to enjoy their submission. I've got a nice example of an extremely obedient slut who enjoys being treated like a dumb household animal.

Submissive wife is in BDSM trainingLeashed wife posing on her kneesPetgirl moves on all fours

Freckled petgirl Alexis is wearing nothing to cover her nudity: you would normally expect a household pet to be naked. When put on all fours, with a tight leather collar put over her neck and a chain leash attached, wife starts looking like a bitch. Why don't we start little training?

Using whip to control the petgirlPetgirl is being fedUndressed wife is posing with her legs spread

Bimbo responds nicely to the voice commands and moves around the room with her saggy tits swinging sideways. Husband is rewarding his submissive wife by feeding her with tasty strawberries but sometimes he had to use the whip: dumb petgirls are occasionally in need of punishments. Petgirl Alexis May was refusing to pose with her legs spread but changed her mind after a few painful strokes across the ass. Isn't she adorable when sitting on the couch next to her hubby?

Would you like your wife or girlfriend to be turned into petgitl? You both are going to have lots of fun: she will enjoy being submissive and you will have the opportunity to control the bitch! Or maybe you would love to see other women petgirls? There is this very special website Pet and Ponygirls which is full of pictures and movies of UK wives in training. Get there now by clicking the banner above and start having fun! Dozens of collared and leashed women on all fours are waiting for you to come and enjoy their obedience!

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