Intruder violates tied wife in search of money

Famous bondage model Ashley Renee is here today to entertain you with kinky story about tied wife abused by an intruder. Another middle-age woman will submit to the brute force of a burglar and spend her time rolling on the floor all tied up and gagged.

Attacked from the behind, sexy Ashley Renee has not many options to choose from. Grabbed and knocked down from her feet, hot MILF finds herself fully bound with duct tape. With her hands tied behind the back she is only capable to roll on the floor like a worm. There is now way for tied wife to call for help because her mouth is tape gagged with many layers of sticky band. What a miserable situation for a woman to get in!

Intruder takes his time to search the house for money and jewelry. In the mean time tied wife is sitting on the floor and looking at her reflection in the mirror. You have to admit: guy did a really good job tying her up: it impossible for Ashley to break free on her own.

With no precious jewelry found and just a few bucks in his pockets, crazy guy becomes very angry. He is craving for the revenge and there is nobody around to stop him from venting upon the tied wife. Man grabs bound woman and tears her blouse down. The he takes lady's bra and grabs her big tits. In just a few seconds helpless Miss Renee finds herself lying on her back with her legs bent up and her panties down. She'd better not to think about the nasty things are going to happen next!

Ashley Renee is the queen of roleplay bondage storylines and her official website if full of kinky stories like I've just described in this post. MILF damsel loves wearing sexy outfits and enjoys being involved into intense BDSM episodes. Damsel in distress, tied wife abduction and detective chronicles: those are classic scenarios Ashley is inimitable in. Click the banner above to go to her official website now!

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